Lauren Winans bioI recently had the opportunity to work with pop singer/songwriter Lauren Winans to refresh her bio and social media presence. Lauren was releasing her second pop single and needed an updated bio to reflect her success in music, as well as press releases and social media content to go along with it.

Take a look at Lauren’s new biography now.

I also wrote a press release promoting Lauren’s second pop single, “Better At Breaking.” The press release can be seen on Lauren’s website.

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SCCN_Logo_Stacked_Color-blackThere’s a lot more to colon health and preventing colon cancer than you may think, which is why I worked closely with AmSurg on the national initiative StopColonCancerNow during my time at Parthenon Publishing. Not only did I help brainstorm ideas to promote the public awareness campaign, but I also created regular content for the website. This required me to research complex health-related issues and share the findings in a way that the general public could understand. I took this job with pride, and delved deep into the subject, ensuring I fully understood it so I could accurately relay the information to my audience. Take a look at a few examples of my work below:

New Evidence Supports Notion That Colonoscopy Saves Lives

Results from a new study have provided the strongest evidence yet that colonoscopies really are worth their weight in gold when it comes to saving lives.

Antibiotics for Colon Cancer?

Findings from a new study indicate that bacteria may be to blame for certain types of colon cancer, meaning antibiotics could treat it.

Holiday Health For Your Colon

Don’t let the season of “peace on earth” turn into the season of “problems with your rear.” Give your colon the gift of a healthy holiday.

Ginger: More Than an Herb

Preliminary studies show that ginger root supplements may reduce inflammation of the colon, in turn decreasing the likelihood of developing colon cancer.

Fatalistic Fears Cause Decrease in Colon Cancer Screening Rates

Colon cancer screenings have proven to be life-saving tactics, yet many put them on the bottom of their to-do lists due to fear.

New Evidence That Bone Drugs Could Lower Colon Cancer Risk

Women who take bisphosphonates to ward off osteoporosis may also have a reduced risk of developing colon cancer.

Man Up: See Your Doctor

Getting a man to see a doctor can be harder than pulling teeth, but no matter how healthy he feels, every man should have regular checkups.

Road Kind Magazine

As Content Manager at Parthenon Publishing, I worked to bridge the gap between the digital media and editorial departments. One of my duties was not only writing stories for Road King magazine, a publication for over-the-road truckers, but also formatting content for online publication.

Here are a few examples of my writing for Road King.

November/December 2012:

September/October 2012:

July/August 2012

May/June 2012

butt seriously

As a Content Associate at the custom publishing company, Parthenon Publishing, I write quality content for several eNewsletters, including butt seriously, the eNewsletter for the national Stop Colon Cancer Now campaign.  Click on the links below to read my articles:

Because of my interest in the print side of journalism, specifically magazines, I focused my senior project at Belmont University on the future of magazines in an increasingly digital world. 

To read my findings, featuring observations from experts in the magazine field, click on the below link. The paper will download and open as a Word document. 

Courtney Drake’s Future Of Magazines White Paper

In addition to editing news stories at the country music news website, CountryHound.com, I am also in charge of producing a bi-weekly newsletter using MailChimp. Currently, the e-mail list goes out to more than 3,000 fans nationwide. Here are a couple screencaps of e-newsletters I have created in the past.

Written for CountryHound, this article reviews the 2009 Country Music Association Awards, where Taylor Swift became the youngest CMA Entertainer of the Year. The article can be viewed  at CountryHound’s Web site.